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November 30, 2006

Songs make finals of international competition

Jeremy Hendrickson recently received the honor of having two songs he wrote for the upcoming Jeremy and Rebecca album make it into the finals of the prestigious USA Songwriting Competition described as "The World's Leading International Songwriting Competition". Each year over 30,000 entries are received and of those, only 150 make it to the final round. While having one song make it into the finals is special enough, the odds of having two songs selected are less than a-quarter-of-one-percent.

The competition is judged by a distinguished panel made up of industry executives and professional artists. It is open to both amateur and professional songwriters alike and draws participation from around the globe.

The songs selected for the finals include "Flyer" in the Dance/Electronica category and "Tallest Tree" in the Children's category, both of which will be included on Jeremy and Rebecca's soon-to-be-completed debut album.