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Industry Bio

Singer/songwriter duo Jeremy and Rebecca, known for their eclectic pop/rock sound with a country edge and a smattering of stylistic jaunts, recently released their debut album What We Leave Behind.  Distinctive for its stylistic breadth, and cinematic flair, the album is a large-scale, independent project written and produced by Jeremy Hendrickson, featuring an impressive list of supporting talent.

Made under their personal label, Dwelling Records, it is clearly evident the artists took full advantage of the freedom they had in helming their own project.  The end result is a rich and sophisticated, genre-defying, yet remarkably cohesive collection of singles perfectly suited for today's MP3 generation, with its propensity for musical mélange.

Jeremy and Rebecca each bring their individual proficiencies to the table in this creative collaboration.  Drawing from her strong gospel-music background, Rebecca's vocals hearken back to an era where powerful, soulful singers like Whitney Houston reigned supreme.  Additionally, much of Jeremy's piano-laced pop/rock approach is surely reminiscent of Billy Joel, and the like.

But while each performs admirably on their respective solo pieces, the husband and wife pair really shines when singing together.  Their tight and striking harmonies lift the listener's ear to new heights and firmly drive home the lyric, making their duets truly standout performances.

Although similarities have been made to Sugarland, and not without merit, Jeremy and Rebecca stand alone in their unique amalgam of styles which they weave in and out of effortlessly.  While the pair can capably lay down a dynamic contemporary-country, power-pop ballad, or a rousing country-rock or bluegrass-influenced romp; they feel, and sound, equally comfortable dishing out a rip-roaring disco tune juxtaposed against an expansive blues-gospel number, even mixing in an intimate old-school jazz ballad for good measure.

One quickly becomes convinced that the duo has placed no stylistic limits on themselves, much to the appreciation and delight of the listener.  In fact, it is this very diversity which makes hearing Jeremy and Rebecca's music such a satisfying experience.

Timeless and inspiring, accessible while poignant, the music of Jeremy and Rebecca will certainly not soon be forgotten.