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Call them risk-takers, extremely passionate, or just plain crazy; but Jeremy and Rebecca Hendrickson did the unthinkable.

They completely self-financed and self-produced a large-scale, commercial album, without the backing of a major label, or the help of a rich uncle.

"I tell people that we had two really great investors in the project: Visa and MasterCard," Jeremy said.

But Jeremy and Rebecca aren't out of their minds, just confident that the world is ready for something a bit different, and something very special.

"We wanted to record an album with broad appeal, one that reached a variety of segments within society," Rebecca said.

In fact, their desire was to take a cue from today's popular family-oriented films, which are cherished by people of all ages and backgrounds.

"Many of the best films are geared toward a wide audience, having a little something for everyone.  Because of that, there's a unifying factor to them, bringing people together en masse in ways that very few things do," Jeremy said.

But, how can music connect people on this level when individual tastes are so diverse?   Well, you could start by hitting on universal themes, bringing depth to everyday emotions and experiences, and by focusing on the goodness that life offers.  Then you could package these relevant and timely messages within some of the most beloved musical styles of recent generations, while also forging a sound so unique, that it demands attention.  The result can be described as expansive and cinematic, while also intimate and inspiring.

Apparently the concept resonated with others as well.  While their core band is made up of Jeremy, his younger brother, and friends from their area, many music industry veterans also signed on to perform peripheral duties upon hearing the material, as well as hearing Jeremy and Rebecca's heart for the album.

"I made a list of the people I would want involved if we could get anybody.  Much to our delight, every one of our first choices wanted to participate.  Everyone kept telling us projects like this don't come around very often.  We were just incredibly touched and honored that these people would give so much of themselves for this." Jeremy said.

Needless to say, an "A-list" team of musicians, engineers, and vocalists was assembled who regularly work with artists such as Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, John Mayer, Mary J. Blige, Josh Groban, Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, and Chicago, just to name a few.

But, credits aside, the album truly contains inspired contributions by all involved.

"Honestly, you'd be hard-pressed to find more passionate performances in recent music as what has been captured here," Jeremy said.

As one might imagine, an entire book could be written about the unique events surrounding this album's production.  One such special event occurred when Jeremy had his father, Snider - an accomplished orchestra and choral director - conduct strings on a song Jeremy had written for his own son.

"It was a total surprise for him.  We brought him out to Nashville with us for the string sessions and didn't tell him what we had planned.  When we got to "Tallest Tree", Carl (the string arranger) turned to Dad and asked him to conduct.  He was floored!  The players just loved him, and the string tracks for that song are my favorite on the album," Jeremy said.

Yet, lush arrangements and compelling performances can only be as poignant as the songs which contain them will allow.  Fortunately, strength of song is a hallmark of the duo.  A prolific and award-winning songwriter, Jeremy believes his first priority is to communicate things that are worth communicating.

"I've always applied that old adage to my songwriting, 'If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all'," Jeremy said.

In addition to penning the project's 12 songs, Jeremy also served as producer, arranger and musician (piano, keys, programming, and percussion), while Rebecca covered the bulk of the vocals.  Jeremy does join her, however, for three duets and takes a couple songs of his own.

"I really write with Rebecca's voice in mind.  I just love to hear the style and substance she brings to each song.  So, I have her handle most of the lead stuff, which works out well because I stay pretty busy with the production side of things.  I just sing the parts that really seem like they need to come from me," Jeremy said.

It may come as no surprise that the past few years have been quite a juggling act for Jeremy and Rebecca, having to squeeze their hectic album production schedule into their everyday lives and jobs.  By day, Jeremy is a marketing professional, working in the areas of web and print design, as well as video and audio production; while Rebecca is an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, skilled in the use of American Sign Language.

With production now complete, Jeremy and Rebecca are adding one more thing to the mix: hitting the road with the family to support the project.

"We're really looking forward to personally sharing these songs with others. And the kids are looking forward to getting out of the house!" Rebecca said.

And, judging by Jeremy and Rebecca's extremely high production values, it's going to be an incredible show, as a part of what will, no doubt, prove to be an exciting and enduring musical career.