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"What We Leave Behind is a stunning album of feel good moments buoyed by Jeremy Hendrickson's solid songwriting and Rebecca Hendrickson's dazzling voice.  ...  The sense of joy that flows off the CD is accompanied by a cohesion that goes beyond professional into personal.  ...  What We Leave Behind is bound to be a breakthrough album."

"Rebecca Hendrickson... quickly proves to be one of the most dynamic country vocalists I've heard in a while.  With a sultry, powerful voice that can cross the lines from country to R&B while passing through Rock, Jazz and The Blues, Rebecca could sing the phone book and have folks lined up to listen."

Wildy Haskell
Wildy's World

"Jeremy and Rebecca are a fresh breath of air to the stagnant swamp of worry that now seems to pollute popular music. What We Leave Behind is a beautiful, poignant, and believable work of art balanced in the physical and spiritual world..."

"I can't find a single wrong note on the album. Every aspect, every musician, every bit of production is impeccable. It is difficult to believe that this is essentially a grassroots operation, but it just goes to show the power of belief."

Julian Gorman
Independent Music Reviewer

"...Jeremy & Rebecca shouldn't be shy about promoting What We Leave Behind. Instead, they should be proud as peacocks of this sparkling 12-song achievement. Even if this recording were the only legacy they left behind, they would have still done extremely well."

Dan MacIntosh

"Musically this duo is all over the place. ... However, these songs are all so well written, so well produced, and most importantly, so well performed, it all works to come together to create something that sounds like it should all be together."

"Jeremy Hendrickson has somehow infused all these different genres; blues, jazz, modern country, rock, and pop to form some powerfully upbeat music that we can all enjoy. Mr. Hendrickson's talent for writing and producing plays a huge role for the seemingly seamless flow of the songs from one genre to the next. This is truly an amazing accomplishment for a seasoned veteran let alone someone trying to break through."

Rod Ames
Texas Star Tribune

"Something that becomes immediately clear in the first thirty seconds of Jeremy & Rebecca's album What We Leave Behind, is that Rebecca Hendrickson has an incredible voice that crosses musical genres. Further listening (and some reading of liner notes) reveals that Jeremy Hendrickson is a remarkably good producer and he has crafted an immaculate sounding record."

Heath Andrews
Independent Music Reviewer

"This is the type of album that just doesn't get made anymore. And it's about time that someone made this type of release..."

Matheson Kamin
The Rock and Roll Report

"The [album's] songs are intricate, beautiful song poems that deal with love, relationships, inspiration, and life issues. And, Rebecca's rich, soaring voice carries every single style. Even the addition of Jeremy's skilled vocals on three duets and a solo or two are outstanding. And, the instrumental and vocal backup, including a gospel choir, are stellar. I absolutely loved this album..."

Janie Franz
Refrain Magazine

"Very good stuff and very contemporary sounding without coming off as faddish production-wise."

"...this CD shows a lot of talent and depth from each (Jeremy and Rebecca). ...a great showing from this pair of artists."

Scott Homewood
Paste Magazine

"Jeremy writes romance with eloquence and he sings those songs with a sweet gentle voice. Rebecca's voice is a strong passionate one that once you hear you won't soon forget."

Andrea Guy
Mossip Blog

“Jeremy and Rebecca showcase their songwriting skills in this sultry, slow-burning love song. Having already won the Urban Grand Prize in April and May of this year, they continue to top the OurStage charts this month with their mix of jazz, pop, and R&B.”

Mike L. McCavana
OurStage Magazine

“You saw them featured here last month with their song "Miracle", and now Jeremy and Rebecca are back with their signature sound! "Rise and Shine" is a captivating song with influences from both pop-rock and R&B. One listen and you will understand why this duo is consistently topping the charts.”

Chelsea Babbitt
OurStage Magazine

"'Miracle' by singer-songwriter duo Jeremy and Rebecca is something completely unique-combining influences from pop, disco, rock and soul, just to name a few. It's easy to see why it's become so popular with OurStage listeners!"

Chelsea Babbitt
OurStage Magazine

"Great inspiring music with soul especially for today's economically troubled world."

Klaus Fritz
Hollywood Capital Int.

"You guys have a very fresh and wonderful sound. ... What you guys have put together is absolutely awesome. You both have amazing talent."

Xiro Xone Talk Radio
Xiro Xone Talk Radio

"Their debut album What We Leave Behind is something truly unique. On it, you can hear the various musical styles that have influenced the couple. It is that versatility that gives them such a unique edge."

Shan Marie
Country Music Notes

"Jeremy and Rebecca:  Just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how much I have been enjoying the What We Leave Behind album...  It is truly a blessing.  Thank you so much for sharing it.  Best wishes and God bless you."

Mike Huckabee
Former Governor of Arkansas