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December 17, 2009

Song awarded First Prize in International Competition!
The world's leading International Songwriting Competition honors Jeremy and Rebecca

Jeremy and Rebecca were just awarded First Prize in their category for the world's largest International Songwriting Competition!  The winning song was one that Jeremy wrote for their children (Tallest Tree), making it all the more special to them.

Nearly 35,000 entries from professional and amateur songwriters were received this year alone! A complete winner's list for The USA Songwriting Competition can be viewed here:

Other winners include songwriters from around the world (including Spain, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, and Brazil), established writers who have penned songs for artists such as Brittney Spears, and successful writers who have appeared on reality television programming as well as those who are signed with major labels.

About the achievement, Jeremy Hendrickson said, "I am absolutely thrilled to receive this award!  For an independent artist, genuine recognition is often hard to come by.  The USA Songwriting Competition represents the highest form of commendation available for songwriters.  To be honored and acknowledged in this way provides both valuable exposure and appreciated encouragement."

The winning song, Tallest Tree, is available on Jeremy and Rebecca's debut album What We Leave Behind, which is available for purchase on their website, as well as on internet retailers world-wide, such as Amazon and iTunes.