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October 15, 2009

Jeremy and Rebecca now playing on Pandora
Top internet radio provider includes Jeremy and Rebecca in regular rotation

Jeremy and Rebecca's music can now be heard on Pandora, the world's leading internet radio provider. Listeners may visit Pandora's website, or access the service through a web-enabled device, and create a radio station built around "Jeremy and Rebecca". The resulting station's playlist will include a host of songs that are similar to the music of Jeremy and Rebecca, interspersed with songs from the duo.

Pandora uses a complex, and revolutionary, classification system called the "Music Genome Project" to categorize songs based on hundreds of different sonic and stylistic qualities. Then, their proprietary system builds playlists around the listener's preferences by finding other songs and artists that are similar to those the listener has indicated that they enjoy.

Being added to Pandora's collection of music is a time-consuming process. A team of editors listens to initial artist submissions to ensure it meets their stringent quality standards. Then, once an artist is accepted, a team of editors select songs from the submitted album which they feel are radio-worthy. Some artists may only have two or three songs selected for inclusion, while others may have more added, at the sole discretion of Pandora's editors.

Remarkably, Jeremy and Rebecca have 8 out of 12 tracks from their debut release "What We Leave Behind" included in Pandora's rotation. This ratio meets or exceeds the inclusion ratios of projects from major label artists, including Grammy Award-winning albums.

Pandora is highly selective about the songs they include in their rotation, so Jeremy and Rebecca are extremely excited to have been accepted and so broadly included. And, because of Pandora's unique music serving technology, Jeremy and Rebecca's music will now be included in playlists of those who indicate they like artists and music similar to Jeremy and Rebecca's.

"Pandora is an amazing tool assisting artists in delivering music to their target audiences, those who will appreciate it the most. The greatest thing about their method is that it connects new artists with new listeners, and vice versa, neither of which may have found each other otherwise. This is the best thing to happen to radio since its invention." Jeremy Hendrickson said.

Pandora is available to be streamed to computers, Blackberrys, iPhones, as well as select internet-enabled music players, boomboxes, dvd players, and more. For more information, visit Pandora's web site at: www.pandora.com. Also, view Jeremy and Rebecca's page on Pandora at: www.pandora.com/music/artist/jeremy+rebecca