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July 10, 2009

Auddy Awards received
Awards denote hit potential of songs based on sonic characteristics

Jeremy and Rebecca recently received Auddy Awards for several songs from their debut album.

These awards include three "Platinum Auddys", the highest honor given, to "Fool", "How I Love You", and "Tallest Tree".  Additionally, "Gold Auddys" were awarded to "Feels Like The Heavens" and "Have You Got The Time", with a "Silver Auddy" going to "Flyer".

Platinum Auddy Awards, for example, are given to songs in which "the underlying patterns of the song are similar to songs that have been hits for a long time".  This is determined by a complex computerized music analysis which identifies sonic patterns that are most common amonst "hit" songs.  These patterns can be found by "listening" to such characteristics as the complexity or originality of song arrangement; instrumentation used; density, clarity, and balance of a mix, and many other key sonic traits.

This unique identifying technology was invented by "Hit Song Science" and is used to provide market analysis intelligence and success rate predictions to record labels and music publishers, assisting in key decisions such as release order, promotional budgets, and market timing.

Jeremy is quick to point out that while these awards can indicate a certain level of professionalism, sonically, that is on par with major label quality, nothing can replace the feedback received by a good set of human ears.

"I'm not sure what impact this really has on determining what constitutes a 'hit' song, since lyrics, performance, and emotion cannot technically be factored into the analysis.  However, it does serve an anectodal purpose.  And, if anyone is really interested in what a computer thinks of our songs, we now have proof that they dig 'em," he said.

Platinum Awards:

  1. Fool
  2. How I Love You
  3. Tallest Tree

Gold Awards:

  1. Feels Like The Heavens
  2. Have You Got The Time

Silver Award:

  1. Flyer

For more information about Auddy Awards, visit: uplaya.com.