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February 15, 2011 - 9:09 PM

New things...
Posted by: Jeremy and Rebecca

Hey everyone!  Life has been pretty hectic lately, but we wanted to take a second and give a quick report on some new things we have in the works.

First of all, we have some exciting video projects to support our latest release which are in development.  We'll fill everyone in more as time goes by, but we guarantee it will be worth the wait.

Also, Jeremy is planning on releasing a large volume of music he wrote while we were doing music in churches.  His plan is to make the songs available for use at no charge.

And, for those who are waiting for new Jeremy and Rebecca music, we have begun writing for a new album which we hope to put into production later this year.  We're pretty tight-lipped about the details, but what we can say for now is, "you 'aint heard nothing yet!"  :-)

Be sure to keep watching for more developments on these and other exciting announcements over the next several months.  It's going to be a great year!

Thanks to all our friends for your continued support.  You're the best!

Jeremy and Rebecca