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May 15, 2007

Latest Nashville sessions include string tracking

Jeremy and Rebecca just returned from Nashville where they spent more time tracking in the world-class Sound Kitchen studios.

On Thursday, May 10, they completed vocal tracking for their current project and also added several additional instrumental parts in overdub sessions.

Friday, May 11 proved to be extremely fun, being the day the string section was recorded. Arranged and conducted by the venerable Carl Marsh, the end result was mind-blowing! Many present for the sessions, including the players, believe these arrangements are among Carl's best work ever.

The players themselves have long and impressive resumes which include working on some of the biggest albums of all time. Jeremy and Rebecca were so honored to have such capable and special individuals making contributions to their project. Many players mentioned how grateful they were to be involved, saying that they loved the songs and the opportunity to play on such unique and high-caliber material. Trust us, though, the pleasure was all ours!