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May 1, 2009

Can be purchased through multiple web retailers

Singer-songwriter duo Jeremy and Rebecca offer up a debut album showcasing a sophisticated blend of musical styles, centered around a fresh, yet organic sound.

What We Leave Behind effortlessly weaves together stylistic leanings; such as pop, disco, rock, soul, country, and jazz; with such confidence and appeal that the end result is an entirely engaging and remarkably cohesive collection of songs, each with classic potential.

While featuring large, at times cinematic production, the album remains accessible and poignant, containing a lyrical beauty and optimism that truly inspires. Having the polish and scope of a major label project, while maintaining the heart and courage of an indie release, this is one album not to leave behind.

The Audio CD, as well as MP3 downloads and ringtones, can now be purchased from  The album (physical and download) is also available at many major online retailers such as, iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, CD Baby, and many more.

Additional information about opportunities to help spread the word will be forthcoming. Stay tuned for many exciting updates!